Selling Your Invention at Retail. Bringing your Idea to Life!

April 24, 2014


by: Edgar Davis

Time to get started? Over the years I have had so many family members, friends and even colleagues approach me with a brilliant idea that they are wanting to bring to life. After listening to their idea's I would typically give them some solid pointers on getting started, offer patent advice, and basically send them off with a big to do list and starting point. Off to the races right? Wrong.

Funny thing was not one of these ideas ever made it to market let alone the prototyping stage! I asked a few of them "what was it, why did the idea die on the vine" and it was always the same responses, "I got slammed at work, not enough time in a day, language barriers, kids, home reno's, I got scared, etc. ", but mostly the main reason: "It was just too daunting of a task!"

To be completely honest it is a daunting task but more so in the pursuit of the right way to get it accomplished. I can tell you after 20 years I have come close to turning over every stone, walked into more than a few solid walls, and carried heavy burdens that did not need to be carried. I have finally reached a point where I can honestly say "Ok, I Got It"! 

No, it was not a Harvard Business Degree, or a family business to stumble my way through, or a mentorship to help me learn the do's and don'ts it was 20 years and millions of dollars of trials and errors, successes and failures, and a few solid partnerships that has delivered me my education. To be honest even a Harvard Business Graduate would be in for a major up hill battle in their quest to bring a new idea to life and onto retail shelves.  

What I offer you is the road map, the how to, a mentorship on taking an idea from the drawing board, to prototype, to retail ready packaging, mass production and scheduling, shipping lanes, best custom / duties practices and rates, pricing, marketing for the initial purchase, the sell through and on and on.

But let me be clear, you will be walked through the entire process, you will be handed tasks and projects, you will be educated on the entire process and in the end, your idea will become a reality - and this reality could change your life.