Selling At Retail: New Innovation, Retail Sales, Top Manufacturing Companies, Innovative Products, New Product Introduction

April 30, 2014


Have an Idea you want to Sell At Retail? Save your money and your sanity.  We can help... A lot!

We work with Inventors with Innovative Products find Manufacturing Companies and help with Retail Sales. Innovative Products with Mass Retail Distribution


- Original Product Development and Quality Control Protocol

 - Retail Packaging with Marketing Support to Achieve Compelling Messaging

- POS and Retail Display

 - UPC Codes

 - Shipping and Customs logistics

 - US Warehousing / Port Of Los Angeles


 - Work with You on Developing Sales Force and Distribution Channels.

 - Determine Sales Territories and Aid in Hiring of Sales Reps and/or Brokers

 - Product Introduction Directly to Buyers at Walmart, Meyers, Target, Sam’s Club etc.

and hundreds of University and College Campuses and Stores.

 - Branding and Licensing Opportunities.


 - We Will Help You Define, Pinpoint and Further Develope Your Target Audience

 - Aid in the Building of Your Marketing Campaign

 - Support Website SEO, Social Media, Press Releases, Facebook and Google Display Ads

(anyone can do this but determining where your ads are placed is the science)


 -Assist in Writing Press Releases

 - We Have a Complete Marketing Suite That Will Build Your Brand by Targeting Large Publications

such as:   Vogue, O Mag, Cosmopolitan, Sports Illustrated etc. Strengthen Branding, Providing

Vital Product Exposure , Visability and Consumer Education

 - Additional Blogging support

 - Complete In-House Photo Studio for POS, Web, Catalog, etc and Full Creative Services


- Utility Patents, Design Patents, Trade Mark, Trade Dress

 Overseas Manufacture and Direct Import for over 20 Years with unmistakeable B2B and B2C competencies.  

A broad selection of the companies and brands we have been fortunate to work with:

 Walmart, CostCo, 7-Eleven, Anheuser-Busch, ABInBev, Corona, Budweiser, Bud Light, Smirnoff, Sam’s Club, Coors Light, Diageo, Grupo Modelo, Corby's, Jagermeister, Bacardi, Labatt, Molson's, Alexander Keith's ...


We are here to help and I look forward to making your idea a reality and a successful enterprise!