Leading at a Higher Level

Leading at a Higher Level

December 07, 2017

Vision always comes back to leadership. People look to their formal leaders for vision and direction. Creating a vision is not an activity that can be checked off a list. It's one of the most critical ongoing roles of a successful leader. It means the difference between high and average performance, whether it's an entire organization, a department, or a team.

Vision calls an organization to be truly great, not merely to beat the competition and get big numbers. A magnificent vision articulates people's hopes and dreams, touches their hearts and spirits, and helps them see how they can contribute. It aims everyone in the right direction.

Remember, the leader's job is to support people in accomplishing the vision by removing barriers, by ensuring that policies, practices, and systems make it easier for them to act on the vision; and by holding themselves, their peers, and their people accountable for acting consistently with the vision. This way people serve the vision, not the leader.

Writer & Publisher: Rick Nechio AB InBev